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Pet Advice

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Dog Advice

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Puppy vaccines: Know the facts

Vaccinating your dog is one of best ways to protect them safe potential disease. Learn about what vaccinations your puppy needs and how to care for them with our in-depth guide.

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How to save money on dog care

Dogs are beautiful, loving and expensive. Wouldn't it be great if we could save some money on their care? With our list of tips to cut costs on pet care this winter, you can.

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How to care for a dog in heat

Your dog's first season could be a confusing and worrying time for her. Learn how to help her cope and get advice on what to do make her comfortable from our team of vets.

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Why is my dog vomiting?

Did you know if your dog's being sick, the colour of their vomit could tell you why? We've put together a guide on what might be wrong with your pet based on their vomit colour.

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Putting flea treatment on dogs

Regular flea treatment is key to keeping your dog and home free from these pesky parasites. Get complete peace of mind and learn the best way to apply it to your dog.

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Why is my dog coughing?

Your dog might be coughing for any number of reasons, from kennel cough to over-excitement. See what our vets have to say about why your dog could be coughing.

Cat Advice

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Cat in heat? Spot the signs

Think your cat might be in heat but you aren't quite sure? Our vets have put together a guide to help you spot the signs and what to do to help your cat through their heat.

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Cat being sick? Find out why

If your cat's being sick and you don't know why you don't need to panic. Our vets have put together this guide to explain why they might be vomiting and what you can do to help.

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How heavy should my cat be?

It's easy to overfeed your cat, which is why our vets have put together a guide on your cat's perfect weight so you can make sure they are fit, healthy and at their ideal weight.

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