Pet Neutering

Pet neutering – castration for males and spaying for females – is not all bad news for the animals concerned. In fact, the positive benefits far outweigh the negatives!

It not only prevents unwanted litters, it also reduces the likelihood of some diseases and cancers, helps reduce territorial marking and helps reduce aggressive behaviours.

Pet neutering usually takes place from six months of age.

We accept Dogs Trust and Cat Protection vouchers to enable clients to bring their pets in for routine neutering. For more information, please click on the link below. (ADD LINK.)

Surgery and Aftercare:

If your pet has to undergo any surgery, we know that this is a worrying, emotional and unsettling time, for you and your family. (Thankfully, your pet won’t know that much about it, until after the event!) At Summerhill Vets, we ensure that you know absolutely everything you need to know about your pets impending operational procedure, from the moment they arrive at the surgery – to the ‘picking-up,’ taking home and aftercare of the animal.

Our surgeries and recovery rooms are equipped with every conceivable requirement – and we can guarantee you won’t find better anywhere else. Your pet will be treated in the best, by the best! We know, you wouldn’t settle for anything less – and neither will we.

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