Pet Health Club

Our Pet Health Club has been specifically designed to provide all the essential preventative care that your pet will require throughout the year.

Joining the Pet Health Club allows you to budget in convenient and affordable monthly payments by direct debit.

It includes:

  1. Annual full health examination by one of our Veterinary Surgeons.
  2. Dental examination
  3. Annual vaccination, all worm, flea and parasite treatment for a full twelve months (excluding household spray).
  4. Annual review of additional vaccinations necessary for boarding or travel and insurance requirements.
  5. Annual review of insurance policy, if required.
  6. Six monthly check up with veterinary nurse (six months after full health examination) – to include weight check, nutrition and behaviour advice.
  7. Anal gland expression and nail clipping if required.
  8. Two checkups a year ensure that health problems can be diagnosed and dealt with sooner rather than later.
  9. Dogs and cats over the age of 8 receive an annual urinalysis check and cats over the age of 8 will have their blood pressure monitored annually.
  10. We also plan your parasite prevention programme so that you don’t have to worry about what to use and when.

Joining our Pet Health Club enables your pet to receive all the above benefits at a 15% discount overall off our normal prices and you benefit by spreading the total cost with twelve affordable monthly payments.

The Summerhill Pet Health Club is not a substitute for pet insurance. Our Pet Health Club, together with your own pet insurance policy, provides the ideal pet healthcare programme for your pet.

For more information about our Pet Health Club, you simply have to ask! Our staff do NOT receive any financial (or other incentive) reward for providing you with the information you require. The choice to join will be yours and yours alone!

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