Homes for Pets

Newly-born, unwanted and abandoned pets in need of loving new homes . . .

We sometimes find ourselves to be the unwitting recipients of new-born and/or abandoned, unwanted pets. Whilst – if we have the space – we can look after cats and kittens for a short while, we sadly cannot accommodate all of the animals brought to us.

If you have a pet that you can no longer look after, or have found a stray but can’t locate its owner, please see the list below of animal sanctuaries and charities that may be able to help.

Equally, ALL of these establishments already have animals which they are looking to re-home into a loving environment. If you’re looking for a new pet, there is no better place to start . . .

If you are a local charity involved with the re-homing of pets – and you would like to be included on our website, then please email us.
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