My Emergency Vets

Your pet has taken ill or has been injured. It’s an evening, a weekend or a bank holiday – and you can’t get hold of your regular vet.

Please DON’T PANIC – We’re here to help!

What to do in an EMERGENCY situation.

01633 241114 – 24 Hours a day. Every day of the week.

(Your call will be answered by our on-site professionally qualified staff – NOT an answer phone!)

For immediate FIRST AID – See if you can identify with one of the symptoms listed below, and follow the guideline advice given:

Suspected Poisoning

  • Do NOT try to make your pet be sick. If you know what your pet has ingested (swallowed) or become contaminated with, gather as much information about that product as you can.
  • If the poison is on your pets skin or fur, DON’T let your pet lick it. Wash the area with warm soapy water (or fresh cooking oil for other oil-based products)

NOW – Call your own Vet OR call us: 01633 241114

Breathing & Heart

  • Not Breathing? Check airways are clear of obstruction. Hold the mouth closed, extend the neck.
  • Place your mouth around the nostrils and breath into your pet, until you see its chest wall rising. (One breath, every 5 seconds.)

NOW – Call your own Vet OR call us: 01633 241114

Bites and Puncture Wounds

  • Do NOT wash puncture wounds to the chest or abdomen.
  • Do NOT remove objects projecting from a puncture wound.
  • ONLY bandage a puncture wound to the chest, or if it is bleeding profusely.
  • Cover the wound with a sterile dressing and apply pressure. Once applied, do NOT remove – but add-to, if necessary.
  • These injuries almost always become infected if not treated.
  • If the wound is in the chest area and you can hear a ‘sucking’ noise, wrap the wound in clingfilm or similar, to prevent air entering the chest.
  • Do NOT let your pet attempt to lick the open wound area.

NOW – Call your own Vet OR call us: 01633 241114


  • If the wound is swollen or looks bruised – STOP! Go to the section ‘Breaks and Sprains’. If the wound is dirty, flush with warm salt water and apply a clean dressing. Do NOT use cotton wool or other loose fibre material.
  • Apply a cold-compress.
  • Apply firm pressure over the wound, if transporting.

Call your own Vet OR call us: 01633 241114

Seizure or Fitting

  • Make the room as dark and as quiet as possible. Keep your pet as COOL as possible.
  • Do NOT try to stroke or comfort your pet – they may inadvertently bite you!
  • Time the seizure or fit – if it lasts longer than two-minutes, you must get professional help.

Call your own Vet OR call us: 01633 241114


  • Check airways are free of obstruction. Extend your pets neck.

NOW – Call your own Vet OR call us: 01633 241114

Breaks and Sprains

  • Try to keep your pet quiet and calm. Particularly, try not to let them move the injured part around.
  • Do NOT apply any form of dressing (unless the wounded area is also bleeding profusely).

NOW – Call your own Vet OR call us: 01633 241114

Road Traffic Accident

  • Keep your pet warm. Wrap them in a coat or blanket. If you suspect they have a broken bone, keep the suspected injury as immobile as possible.
  • Carry a large pet in a blanket, a small pet in a lined basket or box.
  • Internal injuries may be present but not obvious – so,

NOW – Call your own Vet OR call us: 01633 241114

IMPORTANT: The above information is for guidance ONLY and no liability is accepted by the Summerhill Vets (Group) for its content. You MUST seek help and guidance from your own Vet – or an Emergency Vet Practice – as soon as possible.

SUMMERHILL EMERGENCY VETS – 01633 241114 – Seven days a week, twenty-four hours a day, EVERY day.

PAYMENT: Even if your pet is insured, you must make direct-payment to My Emergency Vets for the treatment it receives. HOWEVER, please be assured that your costs will be kept to a minimum – WE DO NOT SEE YOUR PET EMERGENCY AS A ‘POUND-SIGN’.

We are the ONLY emergency vet service in this area. Your nearest alternatives are in Ystrad Mynach and Cardiff.

What to Expect:

Our care starts from your first phone call.

We will ask you a few questions, to establish exactly what the problem is, which area you live, the name of your regular vet surgery, any medication your pet is usually on. By knowing the nature of your emergency, we can prepare for you before you arrive.

On arrival, you will be required to sign a consent form for any treatment to be administered.

We work alongside your pets’ regular veterinary service, to ensure your pet has the very best access to around-the-clock, emergency care and attention.

Our team provide emergency cover: Evenings, night-time, weekends and bank holidays.

We have the facilities to treat all types of accident and sickness of domestic pets. Your pet will receive the very best treatment and after-care service possible.

If your pet is in need of emergency treatment, we will normally require that you bring them to us as we have a full range of diagnostic equipment and drugs available. (Including – but not limited to: Ultrasound scanner, ECG, Digital X-ray, Blood analysis, etc.)

Once treatment is complete, full details will be sent to your regular veterinary practice so that they can quickly and easily take up any further treatment required.

Emergency treatment will cost you and payment is required immediately – even if your pet is insured. Our staff will keep you fully informed of costs every step of the way, and please be assured, we’re NOT out to make ‘a fast buck’ – cost will be kept to a minimum!

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